The Board of Directors of Hellenic Minerals LTD announces that, following the completion of the construction works of the hydrometallurgical project at Skouriotissa, that was built to produce processed and special Nickel products, the service of Mr. Constantinos Xydas in the position of the General Manager of the Company has also been accomplished. The duties of the General Manager of the Company as from the 1st of January 2022 have been assigned to Mr. Panayiotis Kouzoupis. Mr. Kouzoupis is a mining engineer and metallurgist with wide experience and a long service in the management of major metallurgical industries in Greece and in a number of other countries abroad. Mr. Constantinos Xydas will continue offering his services to Hellenic Minerals Ltd as an Executive Director, mainly for the purpose of the continuous technological improvement and development of the Company in the metallurgical sector.

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