Corporate Social Responsibility


At Hellenic Minerals we strongly believe that the effective protection and improvement of the natural environment can go along with innovative and progressive industrial activity. We put this belief into practice, first of all, with the environmentally friendly method we apply in our production.

At the same time, we protect, preserve and upgrade the natural environment in our area of activity. We constantly monitor and protect our surrounding air, aquatic environment and soil. We restore and rehabilitate any area affected by our activities.

cyprus forest

A friendly method

The hydrometallurgical method used is a cutting-edge, innovative and environmentally friendly technology. It is not related to excavation or mining activity and does not produce aggravating consequences. There are no effects on the environment, the soil or the health of the inhabitants.

Nickel sulfate, our final product, is an environmentally friendly material. The material remaining after the recovery of nickel offers clean and fertile soil.

Hellenic Minerals operates within the framework set by the Cypriot and European legislation, with the most up to date processing systems and with the utmost respect for environmental conditions and regulations.

Reducing the footprint

To minimize our environmental imprint:

  • We fully comply with all legal and regulatory obligations in accordance with the relevant authorities, the government and European legislation.
  • We protect the environment during the exercise of our production activity by adopting precautionary measures to address any risk and prepare plans of action to eliminate possible effects of environmental accidents.
  • We protect the biodiversity and the ecosystem in the Solea area where we operate.
  • We incorporate environmental criteria into our decision-making process.

Monitoring and protection

We have designed and implemented one of the most comprehensive environmental programs in Cyprus which monitor and record air, soil and water quality, acoustic environment and noise, seismicity, and the ecosystem. We are also particularly interested in improving the aesthetics of our surrounding areas and have therefore prepared an action plan to address this issue.

The data we collect allows us to obtain a comprehensive picture of our natural environment and to assess its condition.

The knowledge and understanding of the environmental parameters that we must consider in each level of our operation are an integral part of our effort to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum.


Restoration and promotion

Solea’s copper mines, one of the oldest in the world, has incalculable historical and cultural value. Mentioned in Cyprus’ history, the island got its name from its famous copper mines, the most important of which were situated in Solea.

At Hellenic Minerals we understand the historical importance of the mine. Thus, we have prepared a special program for the restoration of the natural environment that has been cumulatively burdened by previous mining interventions made in the area, but also for the protection and promotion of the wider area.

Following a diligent environmental study, the soil that remains after the recovery of nickel has been proven to be clean, fertile, multi-purposed, and above all, safe. Thus, under the guidance of experts and competent authorities, it will be used for the restoration of the natural landscape from the previous uses of the mine as well as for planting uses in the area. At the same time, we are proceeding with broader environmental actions such as cleaning and decontamination of areas and tree planting.

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