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About us

Hellenic Minerals Ltd (HM) is active in the field of metallurgy in the historic area of Skouriotissa since 2019. HM implements a pioneering industrial project in the field of modern and environmentally friendly method of hydrometallurgy. The project’s objective is the utilization of nickel ores (laterites) for the production of nickel salt.

After years of research & development and the successful completion of an industrial scale test, the company, started in 2019 the construction of a hydrometallurgical plant with capacity of 45,000 tonnes of nickel sulfate (10,000 tonnes of contained nickel). The plant started commercial production of Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) and high-purity Nickel Sulfate in 2021.

 The Company is fully licensed in terms of environmental management matters regarding its operations and regarding matters of industrial emissions. These licenses have been issued in accordance with European and national legislation and the intention of the Company is to comply with its obligations.

The company is 100% export-oriented and has already created new opportunities, offering employment to many young scientists and technicians. In addition to the development of a technologically innovative activity, HM will remain committed to society, showing full respect, indicating modern perceptions in the field of environmental protection and presenting a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our mission

HM’s mission is to create a high technology project, taking advantage of the accumulated knowledge and experience derived from the most historical production process of Cyprus, metallurgy.

We have designed a high-tech project following the tradition of the domestic metallurgical industry.

Our main achievement is the creation of an innovative product, utilizing our technical knowledge, experience, skills and resources, marking the rebirth of the most historic industrial activity of the island.

We operate consistently and in compliance with the Cypriot and European legislation with full respect towards the environment, indicating modern perceptions in the field of environmental protection and with a high level of contribution in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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