Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Company is inextricably linked to the local community in which it operates with a spirit of mutual influence. We recognize our corresponding role and share of responsibility and offer to society beyond of our established and imposed obligations.

The goal of our Company from the very first day of its operation is to ensure social consent and the revitalization of the area in which it operates. In this context, it provides financial assistance and support to the communities, schools, sports and cultural clubs and generally, to all the activities that are being carried out in the area and are in need support. The Company also makes efforts to stimulate the cultural actions of the region.

The Company’s contribution to socio-economic development becomes even greater, as the majority of its employees comes from the wider region, helping to reduce unemployment and keep residents in their place of origin.

Our goal is to transcend the boundaries of our social responsibility and to create a relationship of mutual trust with society.



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