Corporate Social Responsibility


Our Company recognizes that its people are at the same time its strength and values highly its Human Resources by investing in its development and providing a safe and competitive working environment. Our main competitive advantage is our people, a combination of experienced executives and young scientists and technicians.

Our team consists of employees who share the company’s culture, with excellent knowledge of their subject and with exceptional capabilities. We offer opportunities for development through proper training and fair treatment and we want every employee to feel safe and productive.

Health and Safety

The safety and health of the employees and of the society in general are of utmost significance for the company, thus the implementation of an Integrated Safety and Prevention of Occupational Diseases System.

The purpose of this system, which is fully supported by the Board of Directors of the Company through a relevant Policy Statement, is the active engagement of all company members in upgrading its performance in the fields of safety and prevention of occupational diseases.

Human Resources Management

The development and evolution of each member is beneficial to the collective effort. For this reason, we seek the continuous professional and personal development and improvement of our employees, not only through daily cooperation but also through training programs and practical courses. In the particularly demanding field of metallurgy, knowledge and development take place only when companies operated as a living organization and this is the official position of our company.

We believe and implement responsible, fair and transparent management in matters of Human Resources, being an excellent example of employment. We apply the provisions of one of the most advanced, fair and complete Collective Agreements, something that has contributed to the exceptional cooperation between the company and its employees.

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