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Our Values

Hellenic Minerals operates with great responsibility in every field that is affected by its activities. Key values that govern our corporate processes are:


Health and Safety

A safe and healthy environment with working conditions free of unwanted incidents for our employees, partners and the local community. To achieve this, we go beyond local and European Union best practices and safety regulations.


Quality is the epicentre of our operations and excellence is the criterion on which we make our choices. Our facilities meet the highest quality standards. We employ and collaborate with outstanding scientists and technicians, working together to create a product of unique quality.


We have tremendous respect for our work and for those who contribute towards its success: these include employees, customers, partners, shareholders, local community. We ensure that all stakeholders are heard with respect, meritocracy and enjoy fair treatment.


We are a leading European company in our field. We have developed unique know-how and production techniques based on research, accumulated knowledge and experience. We adopt and implement innovations that expand beyond the boundaries of our industry, aiming to advance the market with our activities for the benefit of our employees, shareholders, local communities and the economy of our country.


Environmental protection is a main priority for Hellenic Minerals. We operate consistently, diligently, responsibly, and in compliance with Cypriot and European Legislation. Furthermore, we make sure to remain up to date in the field of environmental protection allowing us to recognize and contribute to society through our corporate social responsibility programme.

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