Hellenic Minerals – Closed to completion of its investment project in Skouriotissa

The metallurgical Company Hellenic Minerals Ltd announces that is closed to completion of its investment project in Skouriotissa, Cyprus, which started two years ago.

The Company, is implementing a high demanding technological, research-investment plan and has already started the production of Nickel and Cobalt hydroxide, according to its planning.

Moreover, the Company plans to start the production of Nickel Sulfate Hexahydrate next August. These products are the basic raw material for the production of electric car batteries.

The plant’s annual capacity is 10,000 tons of contained Nickel and 200 tons of contained Cobalt in the final product. The products will be entirely exported to the final users which will be major manufacturers of electric vehicles and batteries.

This project is of grate importance for Cyprus and is in line with the European Union directives for a turn to green technology.

February 9, 2021

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